Make your banking transaction easy anytime and anywhere just by using your mobile you can enjoy bankNTT SMS Banking.

bankNTT SMS Banking is an application that designed by using plain text SMS command with recommended platform by IOS, Blackberry, and Android. Using bankNTT SMS Banking application lets you perform  each transaction more simply by choosing a transaction such as mobile electronic reload, bill payments,  internal transfer  and ATM Bersama.

To use this application, you must be registered in this application service. You can only make the registration process through ATM bankNTT  or bankNTT office near you.

As  a registered, you can perform transaction among others :

1.       Balance information

2.       Internal transfer and ATM Bersama

3.       Purchase of mobile electronic reload

4.       Purchase PLN Prepaid voucher

5.       Payment Halo card, home phone, subscription Tv, etc.

Terms of use bankNTT SMS Banking

Customers can use this service to obtain information or conduct banking transaction with this following  condition :

1.       bankNTT SMS Banking application can be activated after the customer input the PIN transaction at the first acquired at the time of registration.

2.       If within the period, the customer does not perform any transaction, the application will automatically log out and back to application login menu.

3.       While the customer make a banking transaction process with this service, the customer must :

a.       Ensure the completeness and correctness of data transaction which listed before the transaction process is continued.

b.      All the consequences arising from the customer’s negligence or mistake in the transaction are the full responsibility of the cutomer.

4.       Any instruction given by customer through bankNTT SMS Banking application can not be canceled if it has been confirmed or processed.

5.       Every command that has been given by the customer's according to the terms and condition of this service is a valid evidence, unless it can be better and the Bank is not obliged to examine the validity of transaction contemplated.


6.       The Bank reserves the right to disobey the cutomer, if :

a.       Customer’s account balance is insufficient to make the process of banking transaction in question.

b.      There are indication of a criminal act of Costumer’s account that used in this service.

7.       All the consequences that arise as a result of misused bankNTT SMS Banking application is fully responsibility of the Customer and release the Bank from any claims of any kind arising from any party.

8.       As a proof of the transactions, Customers will get proof of transaction through a notification sms as long as Customer's mobile message box receives an incoming message or not experience network disruptions.

9.       bankNTT SMS Banking service fee consists from sms fee set by the network service provider or  mobile telecommunication for every transaction does not successfully implemented by the Bank and transaction fee charged by the service provider will be charged to the Customer.

bankNTT SMS Banking PIN & Password Application

1.       Customers have to secure passwords and PIN’s. In this regard of act, the Customer is not allowed :

a.       Notifying password s and PIN to others.

b.      Store passwords and PIN in the mobile memory or other storage facilities which allow known to others.

c.       Customers is required to change password and PIN bankNTT SMS Banking application on a periodically.

2.       All the consequences  that arise as a result for misused the passwords and PIN is entirely the responsibility of the Customer and the Customer release the Bank from any claims that may arise in any form and from any party.

3.       If a Customer entered passwords and PIN bankNTT SMS Banking application incorrectly due to Obliviuosly, are required to remove the application and re-download the application bankNTT SMS Banking from the market or the store that are available in the Customer's mobile.

Access Termination of bankNTT SMS Banking Services :

1.       bankNTT SMS Banking services will be terminated by the Bank if :

a.       There is a written request from the Customer to discontinued the services

b.      Substitution of mobile numbers that have been registered and it is already notified to the Bank in writing and asked to stoped the bankNTT SMS Banking service.

c.       Cutomer's have closed the account that has been registered for bankNTT SMS Banking service.

d.      Required by the legislation in force and or court decisions.

2.       To reactivate bankNTT SMS Banking service, the Customer must be registered again through ATM bankNTT or contact the nearest bankNTT Services Office, and re-download the bankNTT SMS Banking application.


1.       Proof of the transaction can be printed in a checking account or savings book.

2.       For issues related to cellular numbers, mobile networks, SMS billing costs, customer contact service provider network or telecommunications provider concerned.

3.       For service transaction in bankNTT SMS Banking, Customers can contact Halo bankNTT 14013 or visit the nearest bankNTT Services office.

4.       The Bank may change these Terms and Condition as needed. Such changes will be binding on the Customer sufficient notice under the applicable provisions of the Bank.

5.       Customer is subject to the provisions that occured at the Bank.

6.       All the powers that granted either associated with this service is a legitimate power that will not ends as long as the Customer still utilize bankNTT SMS Banking service or there are other obligations of the Customer to the Bank.

7.       Customer shall release the Bank from any claims. The Bank cannot carry out orders from the Customer either partially or wholly due to events or causes beyond the control of the ability of the Bank such as computer virus problems, web browsers, system or transmission does not work, power failures, interruption of telecommunication or government policy, and other events or other causes beyond the control or the ability of the Bank.